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05.18.2012 - "Dirty Dirty Sheena Shaw" with Sheena Shaw
46 Minutes / 4 Video clips (960 x 540 HD)
Release Date: 05/18/2012
Production Date: 05/15/2012

Dirty Sheena Shaw joins me this week for an evening of debaucherous pleasure. As Sheena walks in, she flashes me a big smile telling me just how wet she's been all day thinking about tonight. She needs this, she says. To be bound tight and told what to do. Have her pretty face slapped and have uncontrollable orgasm after orgasm. Sheena needs the release as it's as much sexual as it is mental. Sheena likes to play the flirt and to tease all the men in the room. What she really craves is to be put in her place, to be taken by the throat, tied up and called a dirty slut. Sheena's been wet all day at the thought.


Part 1
TRT: 12:29 Minutes
(151.15 MB)

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Part 2 

TRT: 8:31 Minutes
(102.75 MB)

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Part 3 

TRT: 13:38 Minutes
(164.93 MB)

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Part 4 

TRT: 11:22 Minutes
(137.51 MB)

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