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02.10.2012 - "The Cosmic Game" with Dylan Ryan
42 Minutes / 3 Video clips (1280  x 720 HD)
Release Date: 02/10/2012

The return of Dylan... I do have many fetishes. One of them would be sexy, hyper-intelligent women. There's just something overwhelmingly hot about brains.... to me. It means when they answer "yes" to something, they mean it, want it, long for it. That's Dylan. Smart, funny, and very, very kinky. When she crawls on the floor and then kisses my boot, I know she gets it. I spank her ass and call her a "slut" for wanting a steel butt plug, I know she wants it. Dylan loves the bdsm game as much as I do.


Part 1

TRT: 14:23 Minutes
(221.05 MB)

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Part 2 

TRT: 15:26 Minutes
(236.90 MB)

Price: $7.50

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Part 3 

TRT: 12:26 Minutes
(190.83 MB)

Price: $6.00

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