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11.18.2011 - "Desire and Submission" with Adriana Leigh
35 Minutes / 3 Video clips (1280  x 720 HD)
Release Date: 11/18/2011
Production Date:  11/13/2011

Doing bondage for the first time can be an amazing experience, it can also be a bit daunting. Especially when you’re going to be videotaped doing it and it's going to be put on line for the world to see. Enter Adriana Leigh, she’s beautiful, she’s smart and Adriana is also one really hot piece of ass. She's here because she’s always wanted to try bondage and forced orgasm’s, be sexually submissive, turn control over to someone else. After a string of vanilla lovers this dirty girl wants to see what she’s been missing out on.

Adriana's elbows touch and she can do reverse prayer easily. That’s hot… Her first tie will be reverse prayer with orgasms. Not a bad way to slip into the world of bondage. Not bad at all. And what do you know... after all the masturbating and fantasizing about being tied up and under someone else's control, It was even better that she had imagined .More bondage and many more orgasm’s follow. Adriana's nipples got there first taste of clover clamps. Clothes pins on her pussy made her extra wet. Adriana Leigh found herself in a world of bondage and D/S for the first time in her life and her raging orgasms are the only proof we need to know how much she loved it.


Part 1

TRT: 13:32 Minutes
(263.76 MB)

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Part 2 

TRT: 14:33 Minutes
(283.63 MB)

Price: $7.00

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Part 3 

TRT: 7:50 Minutes
(151.82 MB)

Price: $4.00

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