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03.04.2011 - "Prurient Desire" with Chloe Night
57 Minutes / 5 Video clips (960 x 720 HD)
Release Date: 03/04/2011
Production Date:  02/26/2011

Chloe Night aka Goddess Chloe joins us this week on There’s something that’s just so satisfying about playing with a Pro Dom. Pay back is a bitch and when Chloe wanted to go down the rabbit hole as a bottom, I wanted to be there to fill need. By strict definition that would make Goddess Chloe a switch.

Chloe wanted the release that comes with subbing, she wanted to be the pain slut that deep down she knows she is. She wanted that hard slap of the hand that makes her pussy wet and to obey orders without question. Chloe wanted to say the words “Yes Sir” while down on her knees and to feel the weight of those words leaving her mouth.

Yes, there will be bondage. Yes, there will be orgasm’s, 16 in fact. Yes, Goddess Chloe will be spanked, caned and flogged. She’ll masturbate on command and be the dirty little whore that she needs to be. Her release will be epic…


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Part 1

TRT: 13:30 Minutes
(164.30 MB)

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Part 2 

TRT: 11:12 Minutes
(137.63 MB)

Price: $5.50

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Part 3 

TRT: 5:17 Minutes
(64.41 MB)

Price: $2.95

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Part 4 

TRT: 13:59 Minutes
(172.26 MB)

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Part 5 

TRT: 13:13 Minutes
(161.81 MB)

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