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06.01.2012 - "Undisciplined Slut" with Dylan Ryan
40 Minutes / 4 Video clips (720 x 540)
Release Date: 06/01/2012


I truly enjoy Dylan, her quick wit, her sense of humor, the way she responds when I give her a command. If you see someone repeated here at FetishNation it's because I personally like playing with them. Orgasm denial is one of my favorite games with her and how big can we make it (Dylan has taken a liking to inflatable dildos). Spank her... flog her... I really like to cane Dylan's tits. Dylan does not care for this much. Such as life when your bottoming. I do love a woman that keeps coming even after you take the vibrator away. If I were giving out grades, Dylan would receive at least an "A". I'd give her an "A+" but, hell I never do that.


Part 1

TRT: 16:03 Minutes
(537.56 MB)

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Part 2 

TRT: 9:02 Minutes
(317.72 MB)

Price: $5.59

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Part 3 

TRT: 6:33 Minutes
(206.04 MB)

Price: $3.99

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Part 4 

TRT: 7:08 Minutes
(237.85 MB)

Price: $4.59

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